Men's Spa

Men's Spa

To treat areas of the physique that are so often ignored, we have constructed treatments specifically with the active, body-conscious male in mind.  Of course, you may also choose any items from our complete menu of services.


Skin Fitness Facial: This pick me up facial renews skin tone and texture by cleansing the pores and hydrating the skin while soothing any irritation in just 30 minutes.  You’ll leave here reinvigorated with a competitive edge.  Starting at $35

The Metropolitan Facial: Put the world on hold while getting refreshed and rejuvenated.  We will use products that target your skin care needs.  And to top it off, your hands and arms will be treated to a relaxing massage! Treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, masque, and moisturizer. Starting at $50

A Gentlemen’s Facial:  This treatment is designed to provide additional customization to give your skin a healthy balance. A thorough skin analysis is performed to determine your particular needs. Treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, 2 masque treatments, moisturizer, and upper and lower body massage.  You’ll leave feeling revived and energized. Starting at $70

Back Buff: Sweaty workouts, outdoor sports and lack of attention can create clogged pores, breakouts and excess cellular buildup in this hard to reach area.  Deep cleansing and exfoliation are followed by a detoxifying mask and a hydrating massage. Starting at $50

Hand & Foot Detail-
Your hands and feet are among your hardest working – and most visible – parts of your body.  Keep them strong, healthy, and attractive with these services!

MANicure: soak, file & shape fingernails, cuticle, exfoliating masque treatment, massage, and buff nails.  (just on hands) - $25

Fifth Avenue’s Stress Break: soak, file & shape toenails, cuticle, foot file, exfoliating masque treatment, massage and buff nails.  (just on feet) - $40


Fitness massage: a more invigorating massage which includes stretching.  Please bring workout shorts or basketball shorts to ensure your comfort.
30min – $40
60min - $70

Custom Stress Relief Massage
30min - $35
60min -$60
90min - $85

Man Scaping-

Eyebrow wax and trimming - Starting at $12
Nose wax – Starting at $10
Ear wax – Starting at $10

Feet – Starting at $12
Chest – Starting at $35
Abdomen – Starting at $25
Shoulders – Starting at $10
Upper or lower back – Starting at $35
Upper or lower arm – Starting at $25
Upper or lower leg – Starting at $40
Speedo line - Starting at $25

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